Saturday, 23 January 2016

Journey Of Life

Started with two tiny eyes and hands peeking out of the cradle, seeking for her Mom, her first friend and mentor. Mumma comes picks her up, kisses on forehead and caresses her. Daddy holds her hand to teach, her first step. The tiny palms, the cute kid once looking for her Mom every time, now grows up to be a teenager demanding privacy.  Focused on fashion, friends and studies, she makes her way towards her adulthood. More inclined on career, having huge dreams in her sparkling eyes, she wants to be a successful creative designer. Leaving her home for studies, but missing Mom, Dad and their love; now, she wants to go back to them. At all difficult times, she dreams of the day when college will end, she will start earning in her hometown and go home to feel her parent's care again. 

But, destiny wants something else, after studies, she gets placed in a big designer firm. She is successful, earning good, supporting parents but, is missing "Home". Of course, she had to loose something to get something.
Her dream of coming back to her first mentor is broken, as they are planning for her marriage. She is not ready but wants her parents to be happy. Heading towards a new life, she gets married and is happy with her soulmate. They think about their future and want to have a baby. Being a mother, she loves her kid. Behaving like her mother and thinking of her every time, she starts her motherhood.
And, the Journey starts again.....                                                         
                                                                                                         SANJANA DAS                                                                                                             DIV- B1F

                         OMG!! SHADOW SPOKE

Me:          Why God created humans with shadow?
Shadow:  [with attitude personified. Because someone gave him importance for the first time]
                “I AM U”
Me:          “ YOU ARE ME?? ”
Shadow:   I am filled with your happiness, sorrows, experience and memories. I am a trophy               of  your  achievements and imprints of your failure.
Me:          [Perplexed]  Go on… I am listening.
Shadow:  On the happiest and brightest days of your life, I am best visible coz I smile upon                  you.
Me:          You remind me of one of my Ex girlfriend. Cheesy words but no more with me.                    And yes!!  You too leave me in darkness.
Shadow:  I cannot see you fall into pieces. I too cry but                            covertly. Give you space and time to heal. I know                      you would bounce back that’s why I keep waiting for                  you on the path that is yet  to be travelled.
Me:        [Wiping off my tears] I wish I could hug you back my                   shadow.

                                                                                                      ANKIT CHHARI
                                                                                                      DIV- B1F

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Spardha (Sports Committee)

Shades of life, Shades of Me

 I look in the mirror and I see me. 
I am made up of all those innumerable moments that has made my life worth living.
I look in the mirror and I see my eyes. 
My eyes are black. Black is the colour of the hidden, the secretive and the unknown, like my soul. Not visible yet keeping me alive. I look in the mirror and i see my ears. 

My ears listen to what you (life) say. What you share. 
Loud music, crazy conversations, stupid jokes, all sing the same tune, Life is full of surprises.
I look in the mirror and I see my hands, I see my skin.
 You (life) have made my skin look pale, but yes it’s worth it.Tattoos and memories, 
happiness and pain, yes I can feel it, yes I can feel you (life). Yes I’m alive.
I look in the mirror, I talk to you (life). 
I’m an emotional fool. Sometimes I’m angry at you(life), sometimes I’m sad, 
sometimes I’m happy but you(life) remain the same, I believe you(life), you will make everything right. 
I look in the mirror and I see me. You (life) look like me.

Prashant Sahu

Div- E